Welcome to FRAME BREAK, an ambitious game studio situated in Skövde, Sweden. 

FRAME BREAK was founded in 2018 by a group of graduates from the game development program at Skövde University. We met during a game project course and decided to stick together and start a studio.

In 2021, we were acquired by Amplifier Game Invest and brought into their creative ecosystem, giving us the resources and experience necessary to take our games to the next level.

FRAME BREAK is about making games that break the mold, exploring new genres or creating mashups of existing ones. To do so we're dedicated to creating a healthy and open work environment where all employees can influence all aspects of the games we develop, regardless of discipline.


JOAKIM - Co-founder, CEO

Sets the course and keeps the boat afloat.

JACK - Co-founder, Systems Developer

The true Jack of all trades.

CORNELIS - Co-founder, UI Designer

Can do anything as long as he's got his coffee.

ANNA - Programmer

Puts the pro in programmer.

JONAS - 3D Artist

The art guy. "You want it? I'll make it!"

JESSICA - Animator

Brings the office to life.

Alex - Systems Designer

Designer of systems.


You can follow our development and ask questions on our Twitter, or use the form below to reach us! For job inquiries, check our Jobs page.