In Farmech, you are given the task to cultivate an alien planet all by yourself, with only a packet of seeds, your wits, and a 2-ton tractor mech at your disposal. 

The game shakes up the farming genre by letting the player use a mech’s unconventional tools to explore alien landscapes in order to discover exotic seeds and farm alien crops.

Enter the Mech

Farmech does away with the chore of switching between various heavy machinery in order to run your farm.

Tilling earth, planting seeds, watering crops, harvesting grain, chopping trees, building fences...

The tractor mech does it all and much more!

Unconventional Tools Get the Job Done

Farming should be fun and exciting. To fulfil that goal, Farmech avoids the point-and-click monotony of the genre in favour of engaging first-person farming mechanics.

Plant your seeds by rapid-firing them through the Seed Gun, water the crops with your Aqua Cannon, and harvest the grain with your Tornado Vacuum!

Explore a New World

Upgrade your mech to reach new areas and explore the vast reaches of your very own exoplanet.

Discover new plants and resources to bring home and expand your farm!

Fantastical Flora

While you start out with some familiar-looking wheat, exploring the planet will yield you never-before seen plants to cultivate.

Each plant has different growth rates, moisturization requirements, and threats! Protect your crops from infestation and fulfil their needs for maximum yield!

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