Now calling out to game devs who want to join us at FRAME BREAK as we step into full-time development on Farmech

Applications are reviewed continuously, so send in yours or any questions you may have to as soon as possible!


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  • Entry level full-time game dev position
    • Not an internship, not a temp gig. You’ll be a full member of the team! 

  • Remote position
    • For the foreseeable future, you’ll be expected and encouraged to work from home. Once it is safe to do so, we will return to our offices and (if you wish) help you relocate to join us. 
  • Competitive salary
    • You shouldn’t have to suffer to be a game dev. We pay our employees enough to live comfortably.

  • Creative influence from the get-go 
    • As an early member of our team, your voice will be heard loud and clear. You’ll have direct input on our current and future games’ development.

  • Regular Swedish employment benefits
    • As FRAME BREAK is based in Sweden we will of course provide the standard benefits, such as 5 weeks of paid vacation time per year and strict limits on overtime work.


FRAME BREAK is a small studio based in Skövde, Sweden and a part of The Game Incubator, founded in 2018 by a group of graduates from the game development program at Skövde University.

FRAME BREAK is about creating games that break the mold. What we mean by that is that we are always trying to create games that differ from the standard, whether by combining two unrelated genres or experimenting to discover new genres entirely. Through these new experiences, we at FRAME BREAK aim to bring players together. Bridging the gap between players young and old, inexperienced or veterans. 

As such, diversity is one of our goals when expanding the studio. Innovation is fueled by unique perspectives, and with more voices of differing backgrounds on our team, we can reach out further to those underrepresented in mainstream games.

About Farmech

Farmech, our most ambitious game yet, is a twist on the farming genre that utilizes FPS mechanics in a brand new way. The player is put in control of a tractor mech equipped with a variety of unconventional tools to develop their farm on an alien planet.

We aim to release Farmech on Early Access in 2021 and then continue to work on the game until it is chock-full of alien vistas to explore, weird plants to grow, and complete with a story featuring a melancholy AI assistant and a rogues’ gallery of interplanetary neighbours. 

We want your help in making Farmech the best mech-based farming game it can be! 

To find out more about the game, check out our dev diary on our Twitter.

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